Hopper Natural Food Colours = Gluten Free No Preservatives Range


Hopper Natural Food Colours

Hopper natural colours are actually ‘colouring foodstuffs’ concentrates made from fruits and vegetables 
such as elderberries, pumpkins, carrots and red cabbage.

Because they are a colours extracted from nature they are classified as food ingredients not ‘additives’
which are represented by a number or and E-number.
Hopper natural colours are derived using a water extraction process, solvents or chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process, and they do not contain any artificial functional additives. 

Hopper Natural Colours are free from:

Synthetic Antioxidants              
Artificial preservatives
Solvent residues       
Artificial ingredients

Food Colours Available are:


Hoppers Natural 100's & 1000's or Sprinkles range


                       hopper-100s-rainbow-web-.png                         hopper-100s-festive-web-.png                

        hopper-100s-pink-web-.png      hopper-100s-purple-web-.png  hop1003r-500.jpg   hopper-100s-black-web-.png

           hop1021r-500.jpghopper-100s-green-web.png   hopper-100s-yellow-web-.png  hop1000r-500.jpg


Spirulina, Invert Sugar, Sucrose, Citric Acid


Kiwi Green                    

Safflower, Spirulina, Invert Sugar, Sucrose, Citric Acid


Cherry Red                    

Carrot, Blackcurrant, Invert Sugar, Citric Acid


Lemon Yellow               

Safflower, Lemon, Invert Sugar, Citric acid



Purple Sweet Potato, Radish, Cherry B, Apple, Citric Acid


Cloudy Orange             

Carrot, Pumpkin, Invert Sugar, Citric Acid


Purple Grape                 

Purple Carrot, Hibiscus, Invert Sugar, Citric Acid.




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